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Philippon, C. Sabadosh, L. The inside-out prison exchange program: attitudes towards prisoners as reported by college students. University Honors Program Theses. Simmons, S. To request a copy, click here to contact the author. Veit-Hetletved, P. The title of this program is loaded with all kinds of meaning. Starting with the obvious, it involves people from the inside of prisons and people from the outside of prisons. The terminology designates everyone as people, people coming from different places and perspectives, certainly, but people nonetheless.

No one is labeled as a college kid, a criminal, or anything else. Inside-Out can refer to something else though, as well — the reversal of many of the ideas that many of us students held about each other, the criminal justice system, and even life. The phrase could even be used to describe the emotional journey that some of the students took, grasping a hold of feelings that had been kept inside and tearing them out in the open to share and reflect upon with the rest of us But what is being exchanged? Roles, kind of. For a few hours every week , the outside students had to sit in a prison, being watched by guards and cameras.

The inside students had the opportunity to do something that frighteningly few people that are incarcerated in our country ever do, participate in a university level course. The most important exchange, however, in my opinion, is the exchange of ideas that takes place. The sustained dialogue in our prison classroom is what taught me so much this semester, and it is that that I will carry with me beyond my academic life.

Books Davis, S. Articles Allred, Sarah L. C onti, N. All the wiser: dialogic space, destigmatization, and teacher-activist recruitment.

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Meyers, Cody W. Wright On PAR with the yard: participatory action research to advance knowledge in corrections. Corrections , Doctoral and Masters Theses Frazier, C. Again, though: Andy is having this realization as a young man heading off to university life, not a kid still grappling with the day-to-day awkwardness, confusion, and joy—and Joy! Before she can reach that point of awareness, though, Riley literally loses some of her marbles, in the form of core long-term memories—which, as drawn by the Pixar team, resemble marbles with the touch-and-swipe functionality of an iPad—that get excised from or altered in the deepest recesses of her mind.

The first is classic Pixar.

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The second demonstrates what makes Inside Out different from every other Pixar film that came before it. By the way, this is where the spoilers get extra-spoilery. Riley rarely thinks about Bing Bong anymore, which prompts the walking mash-up of multiple Dr. The message in all this: To move forward as well-adjusted adults, we must set aside some childish things.

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In that context, Bing Bong is a purely Pixar creation. In those previous movies, the harshness of those ruptured relationships was mitigated by the fact that we got to see those toys and monsters continue living, with other owners or in their respective universes. Inside Out is more honest. Eventually, in another moment that will cause 3-D lenses to get misty, Joy sees that in many of the supposedly purely happy Riley memories, melancholy and disappointment were present, too.