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Try typing something like "creative blocks", "spiral", "world", "green" or "blue" and our snail will find what you're looking for. Emily A.

“Your Perspective Is Everything” - Soul Guidance (TIMELESS)

Sprague is a synthesist, songwriter, and sound designer based in Los Angeles, CA. In addition to making music with Florist , a folk trio, Sprague has also self-released two solo ambient records, Water Memory and Mount Vision I started learning the piano from my mom, who played, and then when I got a little bit older, I think I was 11 or 12, I took guitar lessons for a few years and then I stopped.

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When I was 14 I started playing guitar again, but this time, I became more aware of how I wanted to use the instrument. I began bringing songs I wanted to learn to my teachers—songs that I liked—instead of just learning theory, scales, guitar solos, or stuff like that. That was when I started trying to play guitar and sing at the same time.

I kept doing that, and it started to click. I started to discover alternative music, and artists who were making not just full-band music, but folk music, and I discovered songwriting. At that point in my life, it was the easiest way to create without having to collaborate. I just became totally obsessed with finding different sounds, and learning how to put them all together and get this emotion. It was all about creating emotion and being totally amazed that I did that. It was a therapeutic thing to release it and feel it—and then it exists outside of your body, which I think is still a big thing about making music.

I was living in New York and had been touring with Florist, and I wanted something to do that was really autonomous, something that I could do and make—basically a whole composition, a whole orchestral arrangement—just on my own. I had known about modular synths for a while, and I had a couple non-modular synths that I was running through pedals and multi-track looping things and making these little soundscapes. I was a part of this online forum for guitar pedals, ilovefuzz. It was enough to start exploring that. This is gonna be good.

I started down the rabbit hole with that. How did you figure your way around using them? I was kind of defeated. I just psyched myself up and started sitting down with it. There are a couple of very basic things that you can learn in five minutes, just the basic concepts. I think that most people who are using modular synths are really just winging it, and learning as they go along.

The other thing about modular is that it goes along with the way you learn it. You use it based on your style of creation. Was that why synths appealed to you? That was my world, that was my relationship with music for a long time. I was really, really attracted to the philosophy of it.

It is truly about existing without any sort of structural guidelines. That seems really nice and freeing. I tend to live my life in a very intuition-based way.

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Ending a song is the same way. Or it sits on my computer and then I delete it, or it just never really feels right.

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Just a feeling, really. It can. I can be in different headspaces with it. When I delete music, it usually feels good.

Learn to Trust Your Intuition: Guided Meditation — Purpose Fairy

I actually just got a new computer because my old one died. Or do I just delete it? A big part of being a musician these days is inhabiting all of these online spaces. How do you approach this whole world of being a musician and having to have an online presence? I think that my process, my method for using social media and the internet for self-promotion, is really just to use it as sort of humbly as I can, and just use it to be as true to myself as I can. We all have experiences that are from the same energy source.

Connect to Your Intuition and Trust That You Are Being Guided

Singing is really, on an emotional level, pretty difficult usually. Without plans, I was left to the present moment for direction. Many thoughts and feelings zip through our body and mind, however there is a subset of these which is more persistent and has a quality that suggests it emerges from a deeper and more coherent place.

For those familiar with the experience of faith, whether you name it intuition, God, spirit or otherwise, the needle points in this direction. For the explorer with no destination, to choose to act from intuition poses no more risk than any other. The unadulterated adventure — being in the unknown with no map and only an inner compass to guide — allows us to meet ourselves more deeply. My first practice in this is to come back to the present moment so that I can access the small but wise intutiive voice. My second practice is to hold on to my faith in its power.