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These traits are put to the service of deep and driving dubstep tracks, rooted in UK soundsystem culture and rave history, which explode outwards to swallow dancefloors whole. Hailing from the Duke City aka Albuquerque, Crix Saiz has been following the 'moving people through sound not hype' motto for a long while now. Making crowds move with original productions that cover all the deep, dark, and dangerous ways sure to get the dance vibin'! The T-Shirt Lab crew has been working with our design team to transform the event graphic to a wearable t-shirt design and ltd ed.

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You can contact them here. The first step is to check your spam folder as emails will sometimes end up there. Or in some edge cases, a benefit untethered from any of them. Characters can spend Pushes to gain benefits tied to their Investigative abilities. They never have to spend Pushes to get information, especially not information vital to moving forward through the story to solve its main mystery. On occasion the GM may allow players to gain benefits not connected to any ability in the game, in exchange for a Push.

For example, a player might ask if a flammable haystack happens to be situated conveniently close to a farmhouse she wants to burn down. A few specific effects may in rare cases give you an additional Push. Pushes simplify and speed up the introduction of extra benefits into a session. They encourage you to go for a benefit only in key story moments. Also they skip a lot of head-scratching over what might or might not be a useful and appropriate expenditure of points for each separate ability.

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Removing the numbers next to the investigative abilities on the character sheet should eliminate stop folks from reaching this mistaken conclusion. Choice 1 reinforces the genre of your game, and works even if all of your players fail to make it for the first session. In the first case, abilities from unchosen kits are distributed during play, so that the first player who needs a given ability gets it. The player supplies a snippet of background detail explaining how they picked this up.

Make sure that these abilities wind up being distributed roughly equally between players. Were I designing The Esoterrorists from the ground up to support kits, I might collapse some abilities into one another, and throw in some additional Interpersonal abilities so every kit can have at least one. But that covers the existing abilities. Rolling high to hit and then minimum damage is the longstanding plight of RPG characters.

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But spending lots of a resource to do next to nothing heightens the sting. If your group feels that pain, give them the following option. After rolling for damage, a player may choose to substitute the margin from the successful attack for the damage die result. The margin is the difference between the test result spend plus roll and its Hit Threshold. Professor Wingate swings her katana at the ghoul. Maia then rolls for damage but gets 1. Maia calculates the margin: the result of 9 minus the Hit Threshold of 3 equals 6.

She swaps the margin of 6 for the die roll of 1. It meeps in furious dismay.


You used to be a spy. You were part of the clandestine world, backed up by the full strength of the shadow state. You found the truth. You found the vampires — and got burned. One player. One Gamemaster. The odds are against you. But maybe, just maybe, you can fight back against the monsters. Create your own Agent, or take on the role of Leyla Khan — an ex-MI6 officer who must confront her own half-remembered past as a thrall of the vampires! Navigate complex mysteries with investigative abilities!

Overcome challenges with luck and mastery edges! Play through three complete adventures for Leyla Khan, or use them as templates to create your own mysteries: Never Say Dead: Leyla wakes up in a hospital with only fragmentary […]. GUMSHOE is a system for designing investigative roleplaying games and adventures, emulating stories where investigators uncover a series of clues, and interpret them to solve a mystery.

In a GUMSHOE game, you create player characters PCs by choosing your character concept — the sort of mystery-solving character you want to play — and then spending build points to buy ratings in Investigative Abilities and General Abilities. Investigative Abilities allow you to find the core clues your character needs to move forward in a mystery-solving narrative, and give occasional additional benefits. The PCs must figure out who did it and why, and put a stop to their activities.

If a scene contains a core clue and a player character uses an Investigative Ability relating to that clue, the character will find it. Investigative Ability ratings also function as pools , from which players can spend 1 to 3 points to get additional clues, providing more information or other benefits about the situation. Investigative Ability pool points are refreshed between scenarios. For these tests , GUMSHOE uses a six-sided die, which is rolled against a Difficulty — usually 4, although it can be modified from 2 to 8 depending on how hard the GM thinks the task is.

If the die roll is equal to or higher than the Difficulty, the PC has succeeded in her action.

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A player can spend as much of their General Ability pool on a die roll as they want — each point spent adds 1 to the roll. General Abilities pools are refreshed between scenarios, and sometimes during play. Some caveats.

NINJA REACTS TO *NEW* DETECTIVE SKINS (Noir, Sleuth & Gumshoe) (Fortnite Battle Royale)

The number of investigative and general abilities is a good shorthand for how complex the game tends to be. A lot of investigative abilities indicates a granular, technical approach to gathering clues and solving mysteries; a smaller number of abilities suggests a looser style of play. As a rough guide:.

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Another way to subdivide GUMSHOE games is to look at what an investigative spend gets you; some GUMSHOE iterations are more generous to the players, letting them add story elements, create non-player characters, and empowering them to come up with unexpected solutions to problems. Other GUMSHOE games seek to preserve the challenge of investigation, and so only give added information or limited fringe benefits when a player makes a spend.

To put them on a spectrum…. Others are all about the long game. You are elite investigators combating the plots of the Esoterrorists, a loose affiliation of occult terrorists intent on tearing the fabric of the world. Who are the player characters?

You play members of the Ordo Veritatis, a secret organisation with the tacit background of the authorities that counters the machinations of the occult terrorists and their inhuman masters beyond the walls of reality.