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They are small and perfect for a treat. So glad I gave them a try! Your canine will be satisfied with any Merrick products purchased! My GSD is a finicky eater. We were so excited when our girl gobbled the grain-free buffalo and sweet potato kibble, so we purchased an assortment of Merrick treats and she loves them too!

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My black lab and many of her friends love these. First, I tried the large size and broke the soft morsels apart. In my most recent purchase though, I ordered this size. Another bonus is the no crumb texture. Between my dog and my neighbors dogs, they absolutely love this treat! Since we have to be careful with my neighbors dog and treats, we were glad to see that this one has no artificial color!

My shih tzu spit them out immediately so I guess the taste isnt good. The reason I also gave it a bad rating is because it got stale and hard in less than a week and I closed the container properly.

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Our Beagle loves these little snacks. These are her most enjoyable moments. The fact that they are pure beef and grain free are an exception. My three little hooligans love all of the Merrick Power Bite treats! Good size with just the right amount of chew. Texas Beef is their absolute favorite. Guess that is why they are so addictive. No tummy issues, only use in moderation.

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I purchased this item because it sounded like it would be a good training treat. The dog loves them, but I have to cut them up, they are larger than they appeared in the description. Other than the size they are great. I purchased several varieties of the Merrick soft dog chew treats and I keep them in the cabinet at my office.

I work in a dog friendly environment and they will wait by my office door until I arrive every morning just to get their treats. They love all the flavors of the soft chews!! They are good quality, healthy and fresh and the packages are resealable which I love!! In stock. Description Merrick Power Bites are all-natural, soft and chewy treats with big taste and industry-leading levels of protein packed into every bite.

Key Benefits Real beef is the 1 ingredient Grain-free and gluten-free for food-sensitive pets Antioxidant-rich with sweet potatoes, apples and blueberries Made from quality ingredients from local growers Perfect for rewarding or training, your dog is sure to love Power Bites! Item Number. Guaranteed Analysis Crude Protein Tail-Wagging Taste. Top Nutrition and Quality. It Starts With Protein Dogs thrive on quality protein and healthy fats.

One Batch at a Time Merrick Grain-Free recipes only use quality ingredients from real whole foods for a nutritious dog food with health you can see. Benefits Worth Barking Over Every recipe has high levels of Omega-6 and Omega-3 fatty acids that aid in maintaining a healthy skin and coat, plus powerful levels of Glucosamine and Chondroitin to foster healthy hips and joints.

Treat Your Pets Naturally Merrick offers a variety of grain-free and gluten-free treats that are not only enticing for your pup, but also provide a nutritional boost to keep him on his A-game all day, every day.

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About Merrick Merrick believes whole foods not only taste better, but are better for your pet, and handmade recipes are much better than scientific formulas. Shop Merrick. My sometimes picky dogs gobble it down and really seem to love it. We were just talking about Merrick. The food we get from Chewy is so inconsistent. Sometimes the food looks fresh with oils other times it looks old and dry of any oils, probably pulled from the back shelves of a warehouse somewhere.

My four sometimes eat the food and sometimes refuse. Reading reviews I see that I am not alone and now understand the mix was changed by Merrick. Problem is I don't know if I am getting the old mix or new mix when I order. I am experiencing the same issues as others where the dogs used to eat the food and now its hit or miss. The lack of eating concerned me enough to start cooking separate foods and hand feeding for my older dog.

Wouldn't it be nice if Chewy We were just talking about Merrick. Wouldn't it be nice if Chewy would let the customers know on the website that the food has changed especially given the expense of this food. Now I don't know what to do as I need food but don't want to abruptly change products.

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I have two dogs, one is diabetic. On top of that he also has food allergies to fish, chicken, eggs, rice and corn. Finding a food for him that is lower in carbs AND doesn't contain chicken or fish as the number one ingredient has been next to impossible. I tried cooking for him at first, but this was just not sustainable with my finances on top of the cost of his insulin and vet visits.

In the past, any food changes I've made were met with a turned up nose. Not this time! Both of my dogs LOVE it! I would highly recommend this food to anyone that has picky eaters! I was unaware of this brand until I discovered it in a retail store. My dog loves it. When I needed more, I found it at Chewy, and slightly cheaper, too!

What I really like is the convenience of online ordering, and the prompt delivery. Chewy comes through again! Look at your dog food labels I bought this because the one I was using was discontinued. When I fed them I looked and both bowls were empty. I would reccomend this for anyone who's dogs cant have grain or poultry. I received my order. I had ordered two bags of bacon strips. When I opened my box one of the bags had completely split on one side and the bacon strips were all over the box.

First time I have ever had anything happen with Chewy. I bought this because it came highly recommended and because it isn't sourced in China. My dog is a picky eater but actually seems to relish this food. I'm hoping to transition him off wet food entirely and on to this. All five chihuahuas love this dog food! We have to put the rest of the bag in a closet with a door that can be closed so they don't "overindulge", great food at a great cost and loved by all.

In stock. Size: 4-lb bag original. Key Benefits Deboned beef is the first ingredient, along with real fruits and veggies, for a hearty flavor your best friend will love. Grain-free recipe with no gluten ingredients, and no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.

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Supports healthy skin and coat with powerful levels of Omega-3 and 6 fatty acids; glucosamine and chondroitin help aid healthy hip and joint function. Poultry-free formula is ideally suited for dogs with sensitivities to poultry ingredients. Item Number.