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When OptiMate has verified that your battery is fully charged, it will pause for 30 minutes to conduct a charge retention test. However, OptiMate is not satisfied with just one check.


Each hour that you leave it connected, it will re-perform the same test for 30 minutes to ensure the information green or red LED it presents to you is always up to date. Should the battery fail any one of these continual tests, green gives way to a red LED but your battery will continue to receive a charge. With OptiMates , a brief drain e.

With the latest OptiMates OptiMate 4, OptiMate 6 the test indication will update at every test and the indication is no longer just pass or fail red or green — there are now five possible test results to give a greater insight into your battery condition. Back to top OptiMate has tried to recover my battery but has not succeeded — what should I do?

OptiMate will only start to charge when it detects that it is connected to a battery with at least 2 Volts in it. Either: the battery connection lead is not making a good connection to the battery; or the in-line fuse in the connection lead has blown; or the battery has less than 2 Volts.

TecMate OptiMate Battery Chargers and Testers | Battery Mart

If your battery is so badly discharged, or damaged, to the point where it has less than 2 Volts, it is probably irrecoverable. Back to top OptiMate is connected to my bike and the battery is not fully charged any more — why is this? OptiMate is designed to be left connected to your battery indefinitely but it must be left connected to mains power and turned on!

An older OptiMate I or II , if left connected and not turned on, will drain your battery gradually, at a rate of about 1 Amp-hour per week. However, all OptiMates from OptiMate IIIsp onwards have virtually no reverse drain so it is no longer an issue, but it is still designed to be left connected to mains power and operational when it is connected to a battery. If the power fails and later comes back on, all OptiMates will automatically restart, recharging and re-testing your battery.

OptiMATE 7 AmpMatic

This model has the ability to revive some dead batteries, as well as maintain healthy ones. Once the battery is ready to be charged, 1A is delivered until it reaches The Optimate then checks the battery with a series of tests for half an hour — ensuring a charge can be held — before charging at Complex stuff, but all you need to know is that you plug it in, then forget about it.

This lead features clearly marked red and black ring connectors at the battery end, and a fool-proof and weather-sealed SAE connecter at the charger end. The second connection option comes in the form of crocodile clips on one end, and an SAE connector on the other.


Great should you want to charge a battery out of the bike. The crocodile clips fit securely and snugly around my battery terminals.

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This model is suitable for charging lead-acid, AGM, STD and Gel batteries, rated between 2 and 50 amp hours, which makes it a really handy and versatile bit of kit to have around. Although no use to me on my older 6V Honda, the unit does have the capability to charge via the 12V port on CAN-bus equipped BMW motorcycles using an optional DIN plug lead , making the charger an even more convenient option. The relatively beefy output current of 1A meant that my flat motorcycle battery was fully charged and maintaining in just under 9 hours. The Optimate is rated for long-term maintenance of batteries up to 75Ah.

Triumph Bonneville T120, winter battery maintenance! The Triumph/Optimate 3 battery optimiser!

Tested: Optimate 4 Dual Programme review.