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The forbidden images that slink into your mind in your most vulnerable moments? Florence is looking for this one and she gave it to me short and sweet! In fact, I think she just gave me the perfect title for the post! Maryse: Hi Mallory!! This way, you can switch back and forth, seamlessly between your ebooks and your audiobooks. And Book 2 just went live below. Jared Stalzer is the epitome of entitlement. She is eternally guarded and aloof. He smiles at the possibilities of his universe. They have absolutely nothing in common.

He thought to use her. She decided to let him.. Every woman wants him, except the woman he wants. The explosive revelations in Defy Me have left readers reeling and desperate for answers.

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This fourth and final novella in the series will bring readers back to the world of the Shatter Me before the final novel installment hits shelves in winter The deeper I dig, the more horrifying secrets I uncover, and the more dangerous things become for me and my friends. With an unrewarding job and a failed marriage, no one would confuse her life with a fairy tale. No one is coming to save the day or carry her off to a romantic fantasy.

They will be joined by three other singular women who become known as the Packhorse Librarians of Kentucky. What happens to them—and to the men they love—becomes an unforgettable drama of loyalty, justice, humanity and passion.. One child has been keeping an astonishing secret while another confesses to an equally shocking truth. A wonderful match and picture-book wedding are traded for a relationship that shakes Kate to her core.

A totally inappropriate love affair and an out-of-wedlock baby complete the chaos. Challenged as a mother and as a successful independent woman herself, Kate struggles to keep up with a dizzying and escalating chain of events, and begins to realize that she has a part to play in the chaos.

But since when has love played by the rules? The truth? They must be read in order!! Crushing their dreams of the future. Miles apart, they fight to rebuild their lives. Each separate from the one who completes them.

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When I tasted defeat for the first time in the biggest fight of my life, I was a broken man—my pride destroyed and my dreams of greatness deferred. She needed a best friend. But when Jocelyn meets a handsome stranger her first day working at Donner Bakery and she lets him buy her a dill pickle cupcake, I realize with ominous regret that I may have missed my window with my best friend. Saylor Rae Spada tried to mind her business. She also tried to not get involved in petty disputes.

Then the kiss cam came on, featuring none other than her and the handsome stranger.

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Without missing a beat, he kissed her. Then her blind date decided to pull a knife and try to stab him.. Now, she just wants to hole up in her quiet college life and leave the past where it belongs—in a dumpster fire. But then she reconnects with Tucker Campanelli. Not yet.. And then Jenna Savage throws him a lifeline. John, where another woman loved him, too.

Now Irene and her sons are back on St. This one sounds like so much fun!!! I LOVE chefs!!!

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I never wanted any of it; I only wanted him. Hugh Dickerson, Duke of Cavenray, has finally agreed to wed in order to provide an heir. The unlikely pair is brought together by fate, but can they overcome their pride and see the other in a better light and the possibilities before them, as danger threatens their very lives?

Convincing her parents to let her retreat to their Scottish estate, Margaux feels she can do something meaningful with her life. Gavin Craig, content with his life as a country doctor, is unexpectedly thrust into the world of aristocratic society after the accidental deaths of his brother and nephews. With all the duties his new title entails, and his adoption of three orphans, Gavin desperately needs a wife. One lovely candidate is right next door; except that she's inexplicably determined to be a spinster. Benedict Stanton, Duke of Yardley, vowed never to marry again when his first marriage ended in a scandalous divorce.

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Now faced with leaving his dukedom to the Crown for lack of an heir, he sets out to find a bride in a manner more suited to generations past - through his solicitor. When Lady Beaujolais receives one of the Duke's impersonal proposals, she rejects it out of hand.

Little does she know she is soon to be forced into his company every day They were secretly married just before his departure, and though the War Office has declared him dead, she refuses to believe it. Despite her fears of the ocean, she therefore convinces her brother to escort her on the long voyage to America. Captain Edward Harris, the Wind's brusque master, does not want her on his ship.