Prey for Love

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This is a requirement of our licensing agreement with music Gracenote. You never pray for peace You pray for victory You never pray for love You pray for abstinence Your mind's stuck in reverse And life keeps getting worse You say you pray for blessings But it works just like a curse You pray for the godless ones The ones who will not pray You pray for a savior Who will blow them all away You pray on your Bible You pray on bended knee And every time you say a prayer You prey on me, you prey on me You pray to God each day That your son won't turn out gay And your daughter won't bring home Someone like me You pray with every breath You love the Lord to death You're killing him with your kindness Don't you see?

You pray He'll crush the enemies Of your sexual oppression You pray He'll send a virus That will teach us all a lesson And for all the unwed mothers In this whole knocked-up city And all the unborn children Who will never feel your pity You pray on your Bible You pray on bended knee And every time you move your mouth You prey on me, you prey on me. Nominate as Song of the Day.

MusicBrainz: Prey. She wrote me back that she thought the book was good even for non-Christians.

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She no longer believed in the very Person that had caused us to have an almost decade-long bond. I was crushed and devastated because that was the beginning of the loss of that friendship, but not only that, I could not understand how anyone who claims to love a person could lead them away from the love of God. I did not write a book to tell people how to date and have good relationships.

The book and this devotion series are not some sort of how -to manual for finding a mate. If anyone believes that, he or she has completely missed the point. These are testimonies of how God has shown me, in times of obedience and disobedience, that He is God. This is about how no love surpasses His love because He is love.

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This is about dealing with our human emotions in a Godly manner that results in the uplifting of the Kingdom. This book and devotion series is about handling our lives on Earth and our interactions with people of the opposite sex in a way that is pleasing to God.

It is about recognizing that no matter what your relationship status happens to be, loving God should be your first priority. The purpose for our lives is the praise and to please God; to live holy and righteously as a testimony to those who may never read a Bible, but will read our lives.

We must set an example of how to love one another and keep God as our first love.