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Sorting of slag: separation of various metals from a mixture of slag and metals Sorting of aluminium Separation of various impurities of metallic origin Cu, Zn, VA, brass, Pb etc.

We are able to produce for instance the alloy by separating Al alloys with Zn and Cu contents of a few percent Sorting of stainless steels Separation of impurities such as Cu, Zn, brass, Pb, Sn in pure form and in the form of alloys. Separation of stainless steels from a mixture of steel and stainless steel. Separation of stainless steels with Mo contents according to adjustable Mo concentration Separation of stainless steels with Ni contents according to adjustable Ni concentrations Sorting of non-ferrous metals and other metals Separation of Cu, Zn, brass etc.

Sorting of precious metals Separation of materials containing Au Separation of materials containing Ag Special applications Sorting of Cu tubes Separation of Ag soldering joints In general: Sorting of various alloys on the basis of differences in the composition of the elements, e. Zinc - nickel - copper - iron - bromine - molybdenum - lead - tungsten - tantalum - silver.

Material feeding: mixed input material.

Copper, brass, zinc, lead and stainless steel extraction. We offer a complete service which includes collection, transportation and delivery of scrap metal. You can also contact us for the disposal of hazardous waste.

Aluminum Recycling & More in Boulder, CO

We buy and sell all ferrous and non-ferrous materials at highly competitive prices based on the London Metal Exchange or Metal Bulletin. We have customers and suppliers in the Midlands and nationwide, some of our processed materials are exported to Europe and as far as Canada.

We go to every length to make sure we get the best prices so that you do too.

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Contact us today for scrap metal and metal recycling services. No cash for scrap Please note you will need photographic ID in the form of either a current passport or driving license, along with a utilities bill for proof of address. We make payment either by cheque or same day BACS. If you have any questions please call our friendly team who are on hand to assist.

Metals we buy include: