So, Youre the Manager, Now What?

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The biggest mistake that new managers make?

If you do find yourself now managing a former peer, you must address the shift—immediately. Also keep in mind that, while your former colleague may be happy for you, she may also feel awkward or resentful. More than you know. Complaining about the boss over cocktails? Showing up 15 minutes late to meetings?

Sorry—those days are long gone. As a manager, you'll be looked to as a role model by not only your employees, but also by others in the organization.

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This means meeting deadlines, sticking to your word, keeping your personal opinions under wraps, and doing your best to represent your department and organization. Ask to set up regular meetings to discuss your goals, your progress, and any issues, and how they relate to the organization as a whole.

Being a manager is an ongoing learning experience, and it's probably never going to be "easy. This article was originally published on The Daily Muse. For more on stepping up to the manager role, check out:.

So You're A Manager. Now What ?

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The Muse. Baby steps.

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So which should you pick? I think the most natural option — as in: nothing revolutionary will change if I pick this — is the technical path, usually progressing to tech lead, principal engineer, distinguished engineer and the like. There are two reasons for this:. When I say engineering practices here are some of the things I expect you to understand and have an opinion on:. This is the part that probably many highly technical people are interested in naturally except perhaps for the process aspects , once they reach a certain seniority level.

The people part. As it turns out, the engineering part is the easy part at least this is my experience. A month or two into my first management job I remember thinking how shocking it was that nothing, absolutely nothing in my B. So, get ready to start from scratch once more.

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Here are some of the management aspects of the job:. Engineering management roles are an interesting mix of people and technology. Nevertheless, when you do it right, you will start seeing results.

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Not as instant as engineering work, but results nonetheless. Somebody under your mentorship being promoted.

Eliminating meetings so your team is less distracted and more productive. Making some great hires. Shipping a 1.

You're a Newly-Promoted Manager. Now What? - Leila's House of Corrections

Helping people get better insight in what the direction they want to go in their careers. Figuring out how to turn a project perceived as maintenace-only into a technological playground. Being able to take a vacation, coming back, and discovering that the team kept on improving the way they work as you were absent.