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When Emily loses control of her Amulet, she is imprisoned in the Void, where she must escape the influence of the Voice, while her brother, Navin, travels to a space station where the Resistance is preparing to battle the approaching Shadow forces. Edition: First edition. ISBN: hardback hardback paperback paperback. Volume 12 Issue 4 Dec , pp. Volume 10 Issue 4 Dec , pp.

Volume 9 Issue 4 Dec , pp.

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Volume 8 Issue 4 Dec , pp. Volume 7 Issue 4 Dec , pp.

Volume 6 Issue 4 Dec , pp. Volume 5 Issue 4 Dec , pp. Volume 4 Issue 4 Dec , pp. Volume 3 Issue 4 Dec , pp.

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She let out a low curse. The zombie lurched forward with a guttural moan and stepped into her fortress.

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Lily sighed and closed the game, then brought up a spreadsheet detailing Lazarus Cryonics' appointments. There weren't a lot, at least as far as this receptionist could tell. Lazarus didn't seem to do too much business; there wasn't a big market for it in southern Ontario. But then, what did she know?

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The reason Lily had taken the job in the first place was its welcome respite from the thick August heat, air-conditioning being a luxury her stingy landlord refused to install. The total lack of monitoring on her computer activities was an added bonus, although after this latest defeat she almost wished one of her employers would intervene and cut her off. Her employers.

What star will be the nearest supernova?

She shuddered faintly in revulsion and was grateful they rarely ventured into reception. The locked door off the foyer opened, as though one of them on the other side had heard her thoughts and felt like creeping her out. Zadbac was one of the two doctors who owned Lazarus Cryonics.

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He padded into reception, his footsteps muffled by the plush carpeting beneath him. Never a hello from this one.

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His accent was unrecognizable to Lily, as were the foreign words that peppered his speech. Lily had stopped trying to get him and the lab's other doctor, Pitro, to call her by her first name or at least Miss Stewart by her second day. She glanced at the time display on her computer—one-fifteen. Who is it today?

Lily checked the spreadsheet.

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He's only interested in having his head in the deep freeze. Zadbac's mouth thinned slightly.