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Glaedr the poet. Read this poem in other languages. This poem has not been translated into any other language yet.

What do you think this poem is about? For Example: love, art, fashion, friendship and etc. Glaedr the poet's Other Poems. We live in Crown Heights. What do I like most about it?

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--The Dragon Prince-- Soldier, Poet, King--MV

Other legendary characters that went from the fiction to the non-fiction section of the library include:. Choose A New Obsession. His blessing power is not a false one. He can be smaller than small, bigger than big, higher than high, and lower than low.

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Here is a brief overview regarding what people in different regions said about dragons and Sea Monsters. In Asia, dragons were beheld in a realm with deities. The small details varied from village to village but the descriptions of the actual dragons along with the respect for their authority was agreed upon. The dragon has held a spot in Asian culture for more than 4, years.

The Dragon and the Bomb, by Andrew Wynn Owen

To this day, these mystical beings are widely accepted power sources for various religions like:. The fabled dragons of ancient Greece were spookily similar to those described in Asia. Much like the inhabitants of the Orient, the Greek often worshipped them and ascribed powers to them.

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The dragons of Greek mythology were winged, ferocious and magical. Many were believed to have multiple heads. He was made famous after allegedly being slayed by Hercules and henceforth, his picture graced many a piece of ancient pottery. Fanged and venomous, he was also reputed to be immortal, that is, until he was slayed. While this elaborate description may not shock you at first, please consider that this same description was retold elsewhere…. Nevertheless, this guy was spotted donning multiple heads and battling a slew of different deities.

Other regions that bear records of a multi-headed sea dragon include:. While many speculate this dragon tale was based largely on the giant squid it is notable to mention that giant squid were thought to be fictional until Also worth looking into— the mention of the Sea Serpent in the bible along with stories of a Catholic Saint who slew him. The 15th century, ironically the time the talk of dragons began, was historically significant for a different reason.

This era was known as the Age of Discovery and it was right about the time when sailing started getting smooth.

Dragon Poems by John Foster

As a result, the spice trade, another one of my obsessions, ensued. The spice trade brought people from all corners of the Earth together for the very first time. Did they get together and embellish wild stories about giant lizards, snakes and fish? You decide. If dragons really were just an exaggerated tale tee hee , then none have told a taller tale than we.

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  7. We even ride the serpent on our boardwalks. Here are just a few fun facts and modern dragon spottings to peruse. Another fun Yoshi fact is that his character was inspired by a Japanese video game called Devil World. Speaking of Asian inspired video games…. Dragons— Fact or fable, fiction or fossil? Did they leave behind a legend or a legacy? Blogging about dragons has stirred in me thoughts about fossil hunters, Earth Vs. Mars, Harry Potter, Dungeons and Dragons, video games, Stanford researchers, arcades, lanterns and moats.

    Stick around because any or all of these subject matters are bound to show up in coming posts. This topic was brought about after I obsessed over Ancient Maps , an obsession that was driven by my first published obsession: Underwater Worlds.