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He does not possess physical mass. It is difficult for humans to conceptualize an infinite, eternal Being Who is not composed of physical matter, since humans are subject to space and time, and experience existence in a setting that is preeminently material. Nevertheless, while we may have difficulty fully understanding the nature of a nonphysical Being, the concept itself is neither self-contradictory nor incoherent.

Deuteronomy In other words, God authored them and supernaturally placed them in writing on the stone tablets. Obviously, God does not have fleshly fingers, nor would He find it necessary to use them if He had them. Being the ultimate Mind, He can bring into existence ex nihilo out of nothing whatever He chooses by simply willing it into existence.

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This same figure of speech is seen in the New Testament as well. He simply meant that His actions were by divine agency.

Those scholars who have devoted their lives to studying dead languages, discovering their linguistic intricacies, figurative features, and idiomatic expressions, have long recognized this particular figure. For example, E. He devoted several pages to illustrating this figure of speech pp.

The Bible has been the target of a myriad of attacks by skeptics for over 2, years.

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It will undoubtedly continue to be so. No other book in all of human history has been the object of such sustained, frenzied, and antagonistic scrutiny. Bullinger, E. Haley, John W.

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Speaking Schedules. Alleged Discrepancies. A refill of the Holy Spirit is Biblical. In Acts 6. After the initial infilling, it is a sliding scale where we can grow or shrink, just like with faith or wisdom. If everyone were automatically filled to the brim at the new birth, there would have been no need for the apostles to mention being full as a requirement.

In Acts Looking at the context, we find that this is not one of the 5 stories in Acts where people received the initial infilling. In Eph 5.

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The Ephesian church received the initial infilling in Acts Yet, Paul instructs them to be filled. So, if we need to ensure and maintain the fullness of the Holy Spirit on our lives, we must ask the question: how do we maintain this fullness? Scripture answers this as well:. It is evident that in order to consistently see God intervene in our daily lives, we must have the fullness of the Holy Spirit. By earnestly desiring, not neglecting, but giving ourselves to these things, fellowshipping with the Lord, and continually speaking in tongues, we can remain vibrant, on fire, and can easily go do the work of the ministry—impacting the world.

“The Finger Of God”

Facebook Instagram. Some months later, after the crippled man at the gate Beautiful was healed, Peter and John were before the same Sanhedrin Council. This time, Peter was bold.

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  8. This bold reply that left a mark on the court only came by Peter and the Holy Spirit working together.