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Getting non immigrant visas : direct information from the American embassy officers

Back to Gallery Stamford immigration expert: Quiet the rhetoric. News for Insiders. Around Connecticut. Stories you might have missed. News By Liz Teitz Yale says sexual misconduct complaints increase for 6th straight Local By Amanda Cuda Flu season inching closer in state.

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News By Jo Kroeker New law seeks to prevent school districts from silencing staff. The firm is now suspected of influence peddling. The video, however, provides no incriminating evidence of such behavior whatsoever. Two chief explanations exist as to why Latin-America, home to some , HNWIs, is not a region of focus for most big investment migration firms. The number represents the highest application approval figure officially recorded in a single year among all citizenship by investment programs. Farooq traces the history of citizenship to see how eligibility for it has evolved, starting in ancient Greece and ending in modern Europe.

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Where will investor migrants come from in ? Angie Rupert compares the EB-5 and E-2 visas on which gives clients more flexibility in terms of work, running a business, and traveling. Ed Kennedy argues that the advance of facial recognition tech, AI, and blockchain could send passports the way of the dodo. What does that imply for the CIP industry? Making the purchase of a CBI the first step in planning your financial future is like making a visit to Home Depot the first step in planning your dream home, writes David Lesperance.


In Q2 , there were a pending total of 13, I petitions and 3, I petitions. Average wait times were around 13 months, according to a check of the USCIS website earlier this week. I think it has a lot to do with how much you complicate or do not complicate your templates for investors to file petitions.

How Immigrants Are Marked as Outsiders

And we won't underwrite projects that utilize all these indirect jobs. That brings up a practical problem, he says, because the company's capital needs and market opportunity are both occurring now. That creates a real tension, and sense of frustration. Partly because of that lag, he says, in his experience the proportion of EB-5 projects that reach completion is less than 10 percent. If you're a smaller compay, part of what you offer is speed, and the ability to convince investors you can take an idea from beginning to end very quickly. He says the delays have "created problems in terms of the infeasibility of using escrow arrangements.

Now they've had to relax those because deals have to go forward. We're still in an adolescent stage of development. It isn't a mature program.

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An Insider’s Look at the Immigration System Under Attack

We want to flush out and prosecute and penalize bad actors. We don't want money-laundered funds to be investment, or have threats to national security. But the real problem is how quickly we can get where we need to be. Hayhurst compliments foreign investor programs he's seen in Singapore and Canada.

US immigration officials are using Google Translate to vet refugees - Business Insider

In Singapore, for instance, a liquor distribution company had three-, five- and year goals. And there's a more realistic hurdle, meaning they give a longer time frame to build up job creation, as opposed to the EB-5 program that really wants to see something up front on day one. If you had some kind of graduated program that follows that model, it certainly would be easier for people to get their arms around.

Like EB-5, the Canadian program was so popular with the Chinese that it was shut down in in order to "eliminate the backlog," which some might read as cover for "not letting in any more Chinese. According to published reports based on government data requests, the new program had received just six applicants as of June. Angelo Paparelli is heartened by what he calls "reasonable additional regulation" of EB-5, considering its checkered past. And he's equally heartened by rapidly increasing interest in EB-5 from institutional players.

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But he also foresees a shakeout: "We may see a smaller number of Regional Centers," he says, "or see special-purpose Regional Centers that really are there only to promote the developers' transactions. Nick Mastroianni, however, sees a glass half full Adam Bruns has served as managing editor of Site Selection magazine since February In the course of reporting hundreds of stories for Site Selection, Adam has visited companies and communities around the globe. Louis native who grew up in the Kansas City suburbs, Adam is a alumnus of Knox College, and resided in Chicago; Midcoast Maine; Savannah, Georgia; and Lexington, Kentucky, before settling in the Greater Atlanta community of Peachtree Corners, where he lives with his wife and daughter.

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  • Nearly 75 percent of FY EB-5 investment capital was invested in the construction of new commercial structures. If you're following the laws, you have nothing to be concerned about.