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Change Language. English Arabic. Important Links. Follow Us. Lamb also points out that gains are not always uniform across the board. However, the overall production system was remarkably more efficient because of better design and planning and reduced work flow patterns in various areas. The incentive-sharing plan compensated and rewarded parties for such contributions and sacrifices. My big idea is that we need to redefine the risk proposition. That effort begins by separating process-management risk—mistakes, oversights, or unforeseen conditions such as weather—from outcome risk, which includes cost, quality, and scope.

Then it must be determined which entities own them. For example, Nelson identifies error and negligence as risks that are inherent in the design and construction process that rightly belong to the parties accountable for them—owner, architect, and constructor.

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Ultimately, though, the owner is responsible for the risks associated with prevailing market conditions, unforeseen events, and project scope—either directly through compensation, or indirectly through reduced quality and performance. To avoid unintended compromises such as inhibiting designer creativity or diminishing contractor productivity, Nelson recommends delineating between who is best able to manage particular risks and who benefits from taking them.

This path often entails a higher level of engagement from owners. Petersburg, Fla.

Part identication in manufacturing: A mark of improvement

Visit www. Skip to main content. BIM promoted a more seamless and rapid integration of their efforts.

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Photo courtesy of Barton Malow Co. In one instance a glass contractor recommended a different way of attaching glass to a building, cutting labor requirements in half. Photo courtesy of BJC Healthcare. Cellular, or flow, manufacturing is when all of the resources required to complete the product are grouped together.

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Cellular manufacturing is the opposite of the traditional departmentalized layout, in which all machines of the same type are grouped together. In a cellular arrangement, a company may have equipment such as CNC lathes, milling machines, grinders, vibratory finishing machines and parts washers all located in the same area. Furthermore, assembly operations are often completed within a cell.

Manufacturing cells are frequently organized in a U-shape so that operators can manage different machines. A cellular layout can more easily accommodate a single piece flow by eliminating the handling and queue times inherent to a traditional departmentalized layout. A pull scheduling system emphasizes replenishment of what has been consumed. Another way to describe a pull system is to make only what you need, and no more.

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A pull system typically uses some type of visual signal, such as an empty box, open space, or flashing light to initiate the part replenishment process. A pull system will control and balance the resources required to produce a product and is effective in reducing non-value-added activities. With a basic understanding of these lean manufacturing techniques, you can determine the ones that can help you improve your overall operation and start putting them to use today.