The Lost Heart of Discipline

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Do you know the importance of a personal worship time? I believe your ministry will rise and fall on it. Get alone and be with Jesus. Glad you asked. Try once a week for now and gradually build up to more. Move around — this has been incredibly helpful to me. I typically like to worship in the early mornings. Read Scripture out loud — this is what really gets me going. It can give voice to a distracted heart like mine. Share this: Twitter Facebook. Glad to help, Raxelle. So are you a worship leader or just part of a team?

Dr. John Kleinig - A Hearing Heart: The Discipline of Receptive Meditation

Am a worship leader and back-up singer…. Trackbacks […] worship and pray out loud. No information intake. I want to be the best I can for them. Can I still gain the skills to become a disciplined and productive part of society? Is there hope for me, a year-old, to change? Anne Ortlund, what do you say to this listener and lots of us who could say that part of that email would be true of us?

He has with me over and over. It is when I confess my weakness that He can begin to pour in His strength. This glove, if I hold it up by the wrist, is just limp.

The Lost Discipline of Personal Worship

Anne: The Lord Jesus Christ. It all begins with Christ in us and letting Him do the work instead of trying to do it on our own. Now in your books brought together in this one book, The Gentle Ways of the Beautiful Woman , you talk about some exterior disciplines that are very practical in nature. Then you talk about some disciplines of the heart. But sometimes you just need some help getting started, bringing some order to the clutter of your world and your life and your schedule. For a person who feels like their life is just out of control, not ordered, help us know how to start.

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Anne: Well, I think about the closet. I love 2 Corinthians I understand that the verb there is passing away. The new is in the process of coming on and all this is from God.

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I call it eliminating and concentrating. Help me to eliminate the clutter so that I can concentrate on what You have for me right now. This must be of the Lord. Anne: Yes.

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When you think about the closet, if I buy a new blouse, which blouse is going to go so that I have the same number of blouses hanging in my closet? Or if God is asking a certain new challenge from me—something to do for Him—what must go in order to take it on? That these are all things that I have to do at this season in my life. Yet you have four children. Anne: Nancy, I disciple five women every year. These are gals in their late twenties and early thirties most of them, occasionally mid-thirties.

They are trying to do it all. The Christian pressures are to have them in a Christian school that takes a lot of money , to have them taking piano lessons, to have them playing soccer, to have them taking ballet, to do everything that everybody else is doing. Nancy : That reminds me of a passage in John chapter 17, verse 4, where at the end of his life, Jesus prayed to His Father.

Brian G. Hedges : Watchfulness: Recovering a Lost Spiritual Discipline

I have finished the work which You have given Me to do. Talk about a long to-do list. He was sent to earth to accomplish the plan of redemption and given three years to do it. Talk about a life that could have been stressed out with the people and demands. What He did do was everything that His Father gave Him to do. It will give a sense of peace in our hearts if God is helping us to eliminate the visible clutter around us. Anne: Blah, dull, mediocre. Surely God made me for more than that. Well, whoever said they should be in control? They need to surrender to the Lord and let Him be in control.

Nancy : We fix everyone else around us and everything around us. Anne: I think the sovereignty of God is the most comforting doctrine that I know. We can let Him be God and to take over what we cannot do.

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Then His strong hand of power will be on us to work in us and through us and be with us. Oh, it makes all the difference. Nancy : I remember a good friend—it takes a good friend to say something like this—saying to me at one point when I was stressed out over some series of circumstances in my life. Your heart, or your soul the biblical words are synonymous , is the most important part of you. It is command central. It is the seat of your thoughts, affections, and desires. There was reared up in the midst of this town a most famous and stately palace; for strength, it may be called a castle; for pleasantness, a paradise; for largeness, a place so copious as to contain all the world.

This place, the King Shaddai intended but for himself alone, and not another with him. This place Shaddai made also a garrison of, but committed the keeping of it only to the men of the town. Or what will a man give in exchange for his soul? Who you are in your heart is who you are.

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The various streams of your life flow from the fountain of your heart. If your heart is not watched, then your life will be a mess. The problem is that our hearts have become sick, diseased by the deadly contagion of sin. In the words of the prophet Jeremiah: The heart is deceitful above all things, And desperately wicked; Who can know it? Into the darkness of our benighted minds, God brings light.

Into the chaos of our inner worlds, He brings order. The Lord of new creation speaks the words of life and light to our dead, darkened souls. He cleanses our hearts through faith Acts But even after new birth, our hearts must be kept. They must be guarded from fleshly desires that wage a relentless guerrilla warfare against our souls 1 Peter In his book Soul Keeping , John Ortberg compares the soul to a beautiful, crystal-clear stream high in the Alps that strengthened and refreshed a mountain village.