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Early Greece This article presents a timeline of Ancient Greek history and mythology and provides links to more detailed articles about the below listed topics from this site! On April 24, B.

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Despite being known for their formidable military, Sparta has actually suffered as many if not more famous defeats as they have won victories in battle. Between and BC , a battle for Syracuse on the Island of Sicily was fought between the forces of Athens and the forces of Sparta. On October 1, B. The Fall of Macedon and the Rise of Rome On December 17, BC , the Romans celebrated their Pagan holiday, Saturnalia, a celebration honoring their god of agriculture and a bunch of other things with partying and sacrifice.

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On July 12, B. On January 10, 49 B. On September 9, 9 A.

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On January 24, 41 A. On October 13, 54 A.

Ancient Civilizations Timeline

On August 4, 70 A. The Transformation of the Roman Empire On September 28, BC , Chinese philosopher Confucius was born, a life started that would have a major influence on billions of people for centuries to come. On May 16, , Elagabalus was proclaimed the true emperor of Rome by his mother and grandmother. On September 28, A. D…and the miracles that followed! According to Orthodox Christian tradition, on October 27, A. On September 14, A. On January 11, , the seeds of a riot broke out in the capital of the Byzantine Empire spawn of the Eastern Roman Empire , Constantinople modern day Istanbul over competing support of chariot racing teams.

On October 4, A. On August 28, , Fatimah bint Muhammad, the youngest and possibly the only daughter of the Islamic Prophet Muhammad, beloved by Muhammad and by Muslims throughout the world, died under disputed circumstances. On July 5, , in an English field near the village of Hammerwich, a man looking for curios with a metal detector in a freshly plowed field found gold and silver objects dating back to the 7th Century.

On March 28, A. As you may guess from the date, these were certainly not the first coins minted and not by a long stretch the first coins ever minted. On this date, December 12, , in what is now Syria, Crusaders massacred 20, Muslims and ate some of them! On October 12, , King John of England lost his crown jewels!

Ancient Greece, 1000 B.C.–1 A.D.

On October 3, , Dafydd ap Gruffydd, prince of Gwynedd in Wales, became the first nobleman executed by being hanged, drawn and quartered. Celestine V, who had resigned to return to his humble, monastic pre-papal life. On February 14, , the city of Strasbourg, France was the scene of a St. On June 26, , the Roman Catholic Church reached a low point of unity when a third pope was crowned by the Council of Pisa.

On October 25, , the Battle of Agincourt was fought between the English personally led by King Henry V and the French, led by representatives of King Charles VI, resulting in a history changing victory by the English over the greater numbers of the French.

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On July 30, , The First Defenestration of Prague took place, which of course, means there was a second Defenestration! Okay, so we know Abraham Lincoln created the Thanksgiving holiday on this date in , but what do Wallachians have to be thankful for? On December 28, , the exiled Gran Maestro of Florence, Piero di Lorenzo de Medici, known as Piero the Unfortunate, drowned in the Garigliano River while trying to escape the advancing French and Spanish armies that had just defeated the Italians in a battle over the control of Naples.

On November 8, , the Stockholm Bloodbath began in which a successful invasion of Sweden by Danish forces resulted in the execution of around people. On April 28, , the armies of Spain and France fought in Southern Italy at a place called Cerignola near Bari , a battle decided by the small arms fire of muskets and arquebuses, one of the first European battles where small arms fire from firearms decided the battle. Religious reformer Martin Luther refused to recant during his trial for heresy on April 18, , but what might you not know about him?

Jerusalem and the First Temple are destroyed, the majority of the Jews are exiled to Babylonia. The Temple in Jerusalem is reconstructed. Numidia was constituted after the Second Punic War. They felt great passion for horses and they had a strong reputation as riders; as such, they served in the Carthaginian armies. Numidia provided part of the highest quality Calvary in the Second Punic War, and the Numidian Calvary had a main role in a series of battles.

Both were initially in support of Hannibal before the war before switching alliances and siding with the Roman Republic. The Numidians were one of the first natives that traded with the Carthaginian colonies. As Carthage grew, the relations with the Numidians flourished. Crete is an island situated in the Aegean Sea. The largest Greek island and the fifth in size in the Mediterranean.

Crete came to be part of the Greek world. Venice uses Crete as a strategic point from which to carry out their interests in the Eastern Mediterranean. This migration is called the Hegira. It was the first year of the reign of Muhammed as a secular governor as well as a religious leader. Following the customs of the time, historians later marked that year as the start of the Muslim calendar.

Their economy transformed from agricultural to a higher-level of organization because of trade with foreign countries.

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  6. The pottery wheel is introduced and they begin bronze metallurgy. Trade was strongly developed and the concept of private property was created. The economy was based in the cultivation of wheat, vines, olives, and livestock. There is improvement and development of communications over land and sea through construction of roads and ports, which allowed merchant ships to trade agricultural and artistic products for raw materials.

    In the 7th century BC, all of the Neopalatial centers are destroyed due to the eruption of the volcano of Santorini Minoan Eruption. Palaces were reconstructed and a great period of growth begins in the civilization. Marked with a tendency towards architecture and stylization. This is the period of the famous poems of Homer, the Iliad and the Odyssey.

    They get their name from the village of Mycenae in Peloponnese. It is believed to be the world described by Homer in the Iliad and the Odyssey. Its position was fixed during the Bronze Age of the Aegean world. The translation of the Linear B tablets shows that the improperly called Mycenaeans are really Greeks. Only the archeological site of Knossos is reconstructed to show a Mycenaean who invaded Crete and took power. The civilization was expanded. The Ancient Greeks are considered a seminal culture that served as the basis for western civilization. Their culture had a powerful influence over the Roman Empire, who disseminated into many European territories.

    The Greek culture gave rise to the renaissance of the 15th and 16th centuries in Western Europe and the neoclassical movements in Europe and America in the 18th and 19th centuries.

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    After the Mycenaean and Minoan civilizations, in the dark centuries between the 13th and 12th centuries BC the existing fragmentation in the Hellas will make a framework through which small, organized, political centers will develop into cities. The Polis were the true political unit, with their institutions, customs, and laws. They were constituted as the identifying element of an era. Greece would give Alexander the Great a path to construct an empire, overtaking the Archaemenids and Egyptians.

    No written texts survived from this era.

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    There is very little archaeological evidence. They created the Greek alphabet based on the Phoenician alphabet. The Parthenon was constructed during this period. This is usually symbolized by the closing of the Academy of Athens by Justinian I, as well as the prohibition of all religions other than Christianity. There is an invasion of the Germanic and Slavic people.

    They were established in the mountains are were Hellenized.

    here It should be noted that, until its fall, Greece developed an excellent fleet of which the Dromon is the ship that stood out the most.