Walk with the devil (the le clare trilogy Book 1)

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How could I move from "pretty rational reader" I think.

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I hope. Oh, shut up to "bad Some books make you confused. Oh, shut up to "bad romance heroin" freaking insta-love, I said so quickly? I must admit, I was a little worried when I opened this book. I mean, what could be more difficult to read for a French reader than slang? I have this horrible memory of being totally lost when I read this awful book, you know, Inescapable.

Long story short : it was horrible there was a character that I could not understand at all because of his accent, and it was SO. I am not always a masochist But this one? I wanted to enjoy it.

The Iron Trial (Magisterium, #1) by Holly Black

And thanks to the perfect writing, that was the case. All the sentences are fluid , and even if I know it annoyed some readers, I loved the rhythm and the orality of Todd's voice. I loved the repetitions. Patrick Ness took a risk, but it was splendidly executed. Not here, not nowhere.

Not when yer asleep, not when yer by yerself, never.

Table of Contents

I am Todd Hewitt , I think to myself with eyes closed. I am twelve years old and twelve months old. I live in Prentisstown on New World.

Devil's Disciples MC Series, Book 1

I will be a man in one month's time exactly. Yeah, I know, they're not really alive and all that stuff. But you know? Perhaps I answered sometimes. Okay, Always. Now, this structure. The chapters are short.

The Iron Trial

And that's completely subjective, but I love when a book is organized that way, even though I barely can explain why. It increases the rhythm, maybe? Moving on. Oh, you, little boy who can't kill and can't think straight with all that noise and feels so lonely, you've won me from the first page insta-love, remember? What can I say? I loved Todd. Okay, he can't stop complaining sometimes but hey!

He's just a kid who lives in a rude rude world, trying to go on, and go on, to find hope even if it seems more impossible than a child's dream. Throughout the story, we have the chance to be witnesses while he's growing up, becoming a man of whom we can be proud.


All of his feelings seem so real , so understandable , I couldn't help but feel my heart actually ache for him. I cared about him, and above that, I was there , with him, and with Viola as well. Viola , who's exactly how I like my heroines : smart, loyal, outspoken. I couldn't choose a better partner in crime for Todd. Maybe, I mean maybe I'm a sucker for little pets, but I couldn't avoid to say "Good boy! You know the locution, "a dog is man's best friend"?

That says it all. In the beginning of the book, we're stuck with Todd's opinion, which is basically that his dog is stupid. Freaking dumb. Because this dog? He's loyal and definitively not a coward. To be short : I loved this dog, I often wanted to heal him and pat him and say him that he was a wonderful dog.

Let's get going!

I'm not exaggerating. At all.

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  • I couldn't help it. I cried. That was so unfair!

    I'm asking, WHO? Maybe that's why I felt more and more amazed as I went along in my reading. That's brilliant.


    The New World is complex, fearsome and yes, there is a real plot here. I know, I know. I'm excited too. I don't want to spoil you, so the only thing I'll say it's this : Read this book, but plan enough free time, because you won't be able to put it down until the end. But I must complain : what was that freaking ending? Do you know we, readers, have to work and to actually sleep? I'm speechless right now. That was brilliant, really, and blew me away because I was too smug, I thought I could see where the story went, but I was far away from the true.

    Don't get me wrong, it's awesome and I admire Patrick Ness for this but wow. That was rude. Todd and Viola's story was excruciating , mind-blowing, even hard to stand at some point, yet filled with such gems of awesomeness I often find myself thinking about it, reliving it - Here's a book which moved me in a way no other could. View all 62 comments. Dec 26, April rated it it was amazing. Ugh, you can't leave me with that ending! View all 6 comments.